Statement Regarding Recent Media Coverage

Old Collegians Rugby Club would like to address some of the issues and inaccuracies raised in the recent Adelaide Advertiser article, as well as other media outlets.

First, the grant that was received was for an upgrade of all facilities and to build new amenities at our Linden Park home and not solely for an upgrade of female change facilities, this was confirmed with Sport Australia. The works commenced in October 2019 and are progressing at the time of writing.

Secondly, at the time the grant was applied for (September 2018) the club had a senior female team, which would go on to win that year’s grand final.

Thirdly, even in 2019 the club had healthy junior female participation. It should also be noted that it is the club’s intention to continue to grow its female participation at junior and senior levels as it looks forward to the 2020 season.

Yours in Rugby

Old Collegians RUFC – Committe